Work of Heart

Healing & Growth

Work of Heart’s integrative approach blends equine facilitated psychotherapy and experiential learning. Horses participate as interface, reflectors and co-facilitators of this process. Work of
Heart provides the opportunity to develop skills for change that can:

  • Reduce stress and widen perspective
  • Nurture noncritical observation of self and others
  • Foster better communication skills.

Horses effectively mirror human conscious and subconscious emotion.The powerful bond between human and Horse can have a direct physiological impact, lowering heart rate and blood pressure. It can also nurture awareness, the beginning of mindfulness. These valuable skills translate to all relationships.

“The Horse as Mentor workshop was life-altering for me. I have changed so much over the last week and am continuing to change on a daily basis. I am so grateful to the 3 of you for holding these workshops and for giving me a herd.” — Joyce (August 2010-Inner Peace and Horse Power: Horse as Mentor participant)