Upcoming Events

Honor Yourself  – attend  the June 28, 2020 Women’s Group led by Barbara Doughty of Work of Heart: Horse as Mentor.  Join others to  sharpen  your self care skills while enjoying the company of horses  at Healing Hooves in Bowdoinham, ME., a serene setting that offers the quiet and space exclusively for this group.  Space is limited to 8 participants, please register early. We look forward to seeing you!                                                                                              For more information contact Sally@healinghooves.me

Past Events

Taking the Leap ~Exploring Your Connection to the Wisdom of Horse. August 2, 3, 4  2014 .  
         Engage with our wise horses who mirror our deepest selves,  enhance intuition, and increase vitality. Learn new tools, gain expanded self-awareness, and become more authentic in every aspect of your life. Hands on activities with horses as guides.

Winter Self Care Womens’ Group 2012-2013. This therapeutic healing community meets once monthly, devoting time to more fully addressing the various aspects of self care to include playful activities with the horses, connection with other women, yoga, breath work, and mindfulness practice.
Live With Your Whole Heart: August 2, 2013. Slow down and play with horses on the ground at a small, comfortable central Maine horse farm. No riding experience necessary. Our wise horses mirror our deepest selves, enhance intuition, and help us increase our exuberance. Practice some new tools, expand your self-awareness and become more authentic. Reconnect with nature and your own body and restore your energy and playfulness. . This workshop qualifies as an introductory level EPONA experience.

Life AfterMidlife: Horse Wisdom for the Second Half of Life. August 17, 18 19, 2012. Come together with us to explore how we can harvest the best for the second phase of life. Engage with our wise horses, who mirror our deepest selves, enhance our intuition, and increase our vitality.

  • Winter Women’s Group- Sundays November 2, January 1, January 29, February 26, March 25, April29. 12:30p.m. – 5p.m. This extraordinary group of women will address the changes in the seasons of our lives as well as enhancing survival through the diminishedday light and isolation of winter. The opportunity to be together and supportive of each other with the horses asfacilitators is ideal.
  • October 10, 2001 “Horse Play” An opportunity for hands-on horse time while learning natural horsemanship games with a focus on building and maintaining authentic Self and community.
  • August 5,6,7, 2011 “Radical Self Care” – Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Workshop, Litchfield, ME.
  • January – April 2011 – “Explore Playfulness with Equine Friends” Enjoy a lighthearted mix of Natural Horsemanship, 2 hour bi-monthly sessions. Upper Pond Stable, Litchfield Maine.
  • September/October 2010 -“Through the Horse’s Eye” 4 two-hour weekly sessions, Cumberland, ME.
  • August 6,7 & 8 2010-“Horsepower and Inner Peace: Horses as Mentors” – Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Workshop, Litchfield, ME.
  • April 18, 2010- “Mental Health Awareness” – Presentation, North American Riding for the Handicapped (NARHA) Region 1 Conference, Old Lyme CT.
  • March 8-9, 2010- “Reflection:Meeting Yourself through the Horse’s Eye” -Two day workshop, Sonoita, AZ